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  • Genova Pra Camposaz (TUTOR)

    In June I was a tutor at an international workshop in Genoa, explaining and helping young people living in sheltered housing to cut, drill, sand and assemble wood to make street furniture to improve the space of the popular building known as «Le Lavatrice». Camposaz, renewing the collaboration with Linkinart (an association promoting street art…

  • Exhibition: «PERCORRER O TEMPO» [Coordination] Galicia & Portugal

    El proyecto expositivo «PERCORRER O TEMPO» es una visión poliédrica y contemporánea del Camino de Santiago, comisariado por Nicolás Combarro, organizado por la Xunta de Galicia en el marco del Xacobeo 21-22 y con el apoyo de la Fundación “La Caixa”. Miguel Ángel Delgado ha sido el diseñador de la exposición y Eva Seijas ha…

  • Exhibition: Migration, Traces in an Art Collection. Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm.

    Participation in the Public Programme and some texts for the catalogue of the exhibition at Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm 14.5–22.9 2019 How have artists over the past 150 years related to the concepts of exile and migration? By following their traces in a museum’s collection, in this case that of Malmö Konstmuseum, we discover compelling answers…

  • Activation of Per-Oskar Leu’s art installation: To Those Who Follow in Our Wake

    To Those Who Follow in Our Wake is an activation of Per-Oskar Leu’s art installation ‘An die Nachgeborenen’, based on Bertolt Brecht’s poem. This art research has the aim of making the experience of migration and exile more public. In collaboration with Per-Oskar Leu, this art encourages social integration through language. The poem has been…