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  • Furniture pots for Libros Mutantes Art Book Fair. Muebles Patio Contest. Finalists. Madrid 2016.

    Maceteros mutantes furniture Finalists of the Muebles de Patio contest for Libros Mutantes Madrid Art Book Fair 2016 Collaboration with María Díaz The proposal of furniture for this edition of Mutant Books La Casa Encendida consists of twelve pieces in the shape of giant pots. Each piece is a polyhedron: a truncated pyramid of hexagonal base. Each participant…

  • Ephemeral intervention in a yard in the historical center of Logroño. Transition from city to country. Contest. Finalist. Concéntrico 02

    FINALIST CONCÉNTRICO 02 FESTIVAL  Collaboration with María Díaz  ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN IN THE HISTORICAL CENTER OF LOGROÑO: EPHEMERAL INTERVENTION IN THE YARD RUAVIEJA Good [To] Mood is an artifact of transition from city to country. The citizens of Logroño pass through the yard Ruavieja to tackle and go to the park of the Ebro. The proposal…

  • (Selfi) production [studio dvb]

    Collaboration with the artist Darya von Berner on the production and development of the project. [5 February-July 31 2016] (SELFI) is a public art experience where the content and the interaction level are equal. Inside the light installation a spotlight on the floor attracts the visitors towards the back of the exhibition space. When positioning themselves inside of this light…

  • Letter from Spinoza, design & production. Amsterdam Light Festival. [studio dvb].

    «Dearest Friend…» Collaboration with the artist Darya von Berner on the design and production of the project «Dearest Friend…», a big letter from the Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza of 4×7 meters illuminated and afloat on the water at Canals of Amsterdam, for Amsterdam Light Festival 2015-2016. [28 november 2015 – 17 januari 2016] Floating light sculpture, a letter from Baruch Spinoza to Lodewijk Meijer…