Scenography light installation [studio dvb]

Collaboration with the artist Darya von Berner on the Light Tape Installation for Angelus Novus / Cielo Invertido. Light Tape Installation. Teatros del Canal, Sala Negra. [21, 23 & 24 May 2015]


Teatros del Canal, Sala Negra, Madrid music and libretto: Jorge Fernández Guerra (based on texts by Walter Benjamin) soprano: Ruth González baritone: Enrique Sánchez Ramos conductor: Carlos Garvayo stage director, dramaturgy: Vanessa Montfort sculptor, set designer: Darya von Berner (studio daryavonberner) The chamber opera Angelus Novus, was composed by Jorge Fernández Guerra, is freely based on texts by Walter Benjamin. Its world premiere coincides with the 75th anniversary of the death of the German thinker. The mono print Angelus Novus, was created by Paul Klee in 1920. Walter Benjamin purchased it in the same year and it became a kind of emblem of his work.
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