design and coordination

Remodeling the public space. Strängnäs. Contest. Esencial.

Contest made with Esencial AB in Stockholm, September-October 2018.

ARCHITECTS: Carmen Izquierdo, Mariano Telleche.a

Collaborators: Adrien Rouchet, Paula Ibiricu Ochoa, Eva Seijas.

AREA: 5500m2

Today, Domkyrkoberget is a relatively well integrated part of the city with a flow of people mostly north of the church building, while also being perceived as an area with a distinctive character.

The cathedral dominates the mountain with its central location in the area, its magnificent scale and shape, and its strong presence in the landscape. The surrounding buildings are on a smaller scale, although with solid and stately figures, which are related to the spaces of the street and are subordinate to the church building.

The arrangement of the buildings in relation to the Cathedral and the surrounding streets of the mountain has an enigmatic order that speaks of the extension of the medieval wall (today almost invisible) and establishes interesting and complex relationships between the volumes of the building at the same time configures a fantastic environment where spaces and the park play an important role. their experience.

From the site of the Cathedral you also have a fantastically beautiful view of Lake Mälaren in several different directions and also in the movement between the Cathedral and the city, fine lines of sight emerge at street level.

We want to turn Domkyrkoberget into a rich and lively public place, and to make cultural heritage more accessible.

Attention has focused on strengthening this campus-like composition by completing it with two new bodies and building functions. These fit into the existing structure to create a coherent whole; a church hall, where functions are distributed between existing and new buildings in a set of interior and exterior spaces.

The entrance building.

The volume of the new entrance building will be strategically located between the entrances to the area, in the Lejonporten viewpoint and the west entrance of the Cathedral, with a quick connection with the entrance of the Cathedral from the north, and in with Tryckerihuset where activities for children, young people and the elderly are developed.

Along the building’s facades, flows come from Kyrkogatan and Kyrkbrinken. At the same time, the distinctive character of the façade invites the building into its inspiring rooms and dissolves the boundary between the park’s greenery and the building’s inner life. The expression of the building combines a heavier reading that relates to the bodies of existing houses when you move through it, and a lightness and transparency when you approach the building from the front.

The entrance building greets the visitor with a sequence through an outer courtyard where an existing tree forms a roof, from where it leads through a room with a lower ceiling height, and up to the high rooms under the sloping panels. from the ceiling of the lanterns. In the lower parts there is a cloakroom and information functions, in the upper ones flexible meeting rooms are arranged that have distinctive qualities based on the surrounding views and the directions of the lanterns. The rooms can be connected to each other to create a larger meeting room, but they also function as separate specially designed rooms. The lower level is located in the basement and houses the kitchen, storage, cleaning and concierge functions, with good street communications and deliveries and the north door of the cathedral.

The Chancellery.

To meet the need for the Foundation and Parish of individual office spaces, we propose a reduced building volume along Sturegatan in direct connection to the Cathedral Chapter House.

The building’s location runs parallel to the wall of the medieval manor house and forms an elongated courtyard onto which the rooms of the lower level open. The new body of the house replaces the existing night house within the Kyrkberget 3 property. Its expression is based on a similar duality with which the entrance building works; through a stone grid, the weight of the building dissolves as one moves through it.

In the generous rooms of the Cathedral Chapter House, the requested meeting and group rooms are located, as well as the community functions, while the efficient individual office rooms are housed in the new structure. Two light walkways connect both buildings and connect the Cathedral Chapter House with the existing façade openings. The functions of the new building are organized along a central hall that connects all levels and where the light from the ceiling lantern filters through the openings in the floor and stairs. The room opens to the south and the view of Lake Mälaren into a loggia for informal gatherings.

Strängnäs Cathedral is a magnificent building, with an incredible wealth of details and solutions that have been added to the passage of the Church’s expansions over the centuries.

Attention has been focused on refining the church room as a spiritual place while being dynamic and flexible at the same time. The calm of the room requires that a certain order be restored. The entrances are cleaned of the current furniture and equipped with independent fixed furniture for wardrobes / exhibitions / information according to example. We are re-experimenting with room sizes while improving logistics and the design of signage and information.

The north entrance will play an important role in the proposal. From there you can quickly reach the new entrance building and storage in the church sheds. The attic was rebuilt with automated double doors to facilitate passage and passage with a smaller truck vehicle that is purchased. Flexibility is guaranteed by functional warehousing logistics.

A mobile triangular piece of furniture is being developed to allow for display and storage, or as delimiting elements. For example, to clarify the extension of the Rogge Choir chapel, or to form rooms in the hall between crossings VI and VII in the central church and allow the use of this hall for smaller ceremonies.


The landscaping strategy for the green spaces has been to preserve the parts of the park that have the strongest character today, largely in line with Sven Lindh’s project of 1874 and to design the other rooms with the aim of creating a myriad of situations. that attract a diverse audience, that Cathedral Mountain will be a welcoming place for all. The need for an expanded entrance to the Aulan in Djäknegården is combined with programs for the outer space between the houses and takes the form of a pavilion that acts as an entrance support to the Aulan, as well as the new functions of the park.

Movements to and through the area have been important in the design, to maintain and strengthen existing movements and to provide good bicycle infrastructure. Bicycle parking is integrated into landscape solutions in a natural way.

The thought process

At the northern boundary of the Cathedral site, a passageway ascending to a bench at the top, among the trees, recalls the place that once had the circular wall.

The main square. The market

A new light roof surrounds the central part of the square, at the same time forming a sequence of smaller context rooms in the large plaza. Parking lots are arranged between each tree alley, and the market clears up in the central part.


A stepped green landscape to sit on, with Roggeborgen and the Cathedral as a magnificent backdrop. A place for theater in the park and outdoor receptions. Djäknegården Pavilion and Park New entrance pavilion with cafeteria and toilet adjacent to the Auditorium. The pavilion contributes with a stage for the open-air theater on the west pediment, outdoor seating facing the park and to the south, and a meadow under a roof facing east and the European School buildings. A natural place to hang out for young people and other people.


Lush and large trees and a steep slope characterize already today this atmospheric part of the park, which is organized around the memorial stone for Laurentius André. A place for memory and introspection.

Integrated parking space.

The current parking area is being restructured and made more efficient to make room for Djäkneparken.

Offers approx. 15 parking spaces and 30 bicycle spaces.

Ringmurens promenade.

A new path finds its way along the footprint of the medieval ring wall, where today it has disappeared. It is sometimes located above the wall, for example in the level difference with the Månsson garden; Sometimes outside it, as in the part that borders the memorial grove and the flower meadow, where a new longitudinal granite bench offers a view to the south and Lake Mälaren.

Blomsterängen and Rosenträdgården.

A romantic flower garden creeps in on the southern slope of the mountain. Small paths leave the existing walkway and lead to secret seating in the middle of the meadow. A place for daydreaming and contemplation.

Activity and cultivation fields. Månssonska garden.

A lovely large enclosing field to the south with fruit trees and an herb garden characterizes the place which now has a division with complementary programs in this part of the park: an educational berry garden with raspberries and currant cultivation for self-picking, an area for common cultivations for «Grow together» association built, with spaces in the existing wooden sheds on the northwest corner of the field, as well as space for picnics and sunbathing in the meadow. A site-specific playground can be developed in this part of the park.

Arts garden

Tullbomstomtens landscape gets a clearer green structure closest to the building, and an integrated parking area towards Trädgårdsgatan which offers approx. 32 parking spaces and approx. 30 bicycle spaces.

Within the green area, in interaction with existing trees, collective outdoor meeting and exhibition rooms are formed that can be a fantastic addition to the business. Students get places to meet outdoors, while their work can be displayed, for example in sculpture exhibitions or site-specific installations.

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