Curated by Eva Seijas

Activation of Per-Oskar Leu’s art installation An die Nachgeborenen

14 May 2019, 19:00 – 19:30 

During the opening of the exhibition Migration: Traces in an art collection 

Tensta Konstall, Stockholm

An die Nachgeborenenis a poem by Bertolt Brecht, written between 1934 and 1938 while he was living in exile in the Nordic Countries. Brecht first travelled to Denmark, then to Sweden, where he lived for a year on a farm near Stockholm. This poem talks about Brecht’s experience as a refugee. The artist Per-Oskar Leu transforms the work into a sculptural piece, mixing fifteen different voices in a two-channel sound installation. 

To Those Who Follow in Our Wake is an activation of Leu’s art installation An die Nachgeborenen. Local residents of Tensta are invited to perform the poem in their mother tongues. Whilst the audio montage of Brecht’s poem is in German, the live performance is in some of the different languages spoken here, including Arabic, Somali, Turkish and Swedish. Ninety per cent of the population in this neighbourhood are of migrant origin, so the poem may really strike a chord with them. It has been translated for this occasion in collaboration with the Language Cafe and Fahyma Alnabsi,a team member at Tensta konsthall from Syria. The intention of the project is to make the poem ‘go public’ on the opening day of the exhibition. The reading will be done by Samir Latif Hafiz in Arabic, Asha Mohamed in Somali, Gulgun Ok in Turkish and Nawroz Zakholy in Swedish. 

To Those Who Follow Our Wake



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